After 2 complicated years, Le Petit Bal is back for its third edition! ! For this event, we are happy to invite two of our favorite bands: Mr. Folxlide et Geronimo !

In addition to Le Petit Bal, the balls will be combined with a Blues-Balfolk Fusion workshop (separate registration) where you will learn how to incorporate the blues style into your dances in couple..


Come danse with us at the sound of Korvenn Trio and Rokkende Vrouwen in the beautiful Argonne's ballroom and enjoy a shared meal in between the two balls.💃✨🥪

The Bands

Mr. Folxlide

Cigar box guitar, voix, looper, percussion de pied

Mr. Folxlide is the perfect mix between balfolk and American blues.But why did Mikulas Bryan (ba.fnu) started a solo balfolk project on a Cigar Box Guitar? Because everyone can understand the blues, no matter where they come from. After all, folk dance music is also about love and life. By combining the raw sound of old blues, balfolk, French song and country, Mikulas offers music with deep and bewitching atmospheres.

Mr. Folxlide is an old love story for us at Folk Addikt. We have always loved his sensual and catchy style, and his album 1-4-5 is a reference for many of us. He is one of the reasons (but not the only one) why we like to go dancing in Eastern Europe (yes, because he is Czech!). Do we need to tell you that a mazurka with blues inspiration is quite an experience ?

Soundcloud | ► YouTube


Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer, drum programming

Geronimo is Jeroen Geerinck's solo project (Snaarmaarwaar, Hot Griselda, Novar). Musician and producer for many years, he has become impossible to miss in the Belgian music scene. His bold playing and energy are recognizable within his bands. More than a musician, Jeroen produces many folk albums and is constantly committed to making this music fresh and contemporary.

What we love about Géronimo at Folk Addikt is the energy that Jeroen transmits to the dancers. At each concert, he sets the room on fire and the dancers dance as if trying to put out the flames with their feet. He is an exceptional musician who has his heart on his sleeve, when he does not have it on the strings of his guitar!


Workshop - Blues Balfolk Fusion

For the first time, Folk Addikt invites you to join a dance workshop before Le Petit Bal. You spice up your scottisch with forro movements, use tango in your mazurkas, do salsa in your polkas,... But have you ever tried with the blues? In this Blues Balfolk Fusion dance workshop, Mikulas (Mr. Folxlide) shares his advice and guides us to learn how to dance folk ball with a blues style. A great opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn some blues moves and techniques before Mr. Folxlide's ball and renew your dance style. This workshop is not included in Le Petit Bal, you must register separately.

The Food Sharing

We want to organize friendly balls, and to do that, nothing beats a shared meal ! We invite you to take something to eat and to share at diner with everyone. Prefer dishes that don't require cutlery (quiches, cakes, etc.) and be as creative as you can be !

The Organisation

will put you in a trance to the sound of his music combining blues and balfolk

Group of friends from Brussels who share an addiction to balfolk, we go dance a bit everywhere and we organize small balfolks in Brussels.

The Location

Room Argonne, 33 Rue Vanderstraeten, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 1080, Brussels

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10€ per workshop's attendee
15€ per dancer participating in the ball

We will send you the bank transfer information as soon as you will have booked your ticket.

Payment Terms

Your booking will only be valid after we received the payment on our bank account.

The bank transfer must mention your ticket number and arrive on the specified account within the 7 days after the booking. If we don't receive your bank transfer within these 7 days, your booking will be cancelled and a mail will be sent to inform you about it.

We will not refund tickets in the unfortunate case that you don't or can't come, but we accept exchanges with someone else. Just inform us after you find someone to redeem your ticket.