Folk Addikt welcomes you to its first Petit Bal in 2023 on Friday, January 20th in Ixelles.

Au programme: OMGDude et boeuf folk dans une salle d'exception, la Chapelle de Boondael.

This time, we will replace the food sharing by a jam. We hope that you will like the menu, all musicians are invited to bring their instruments ! :-)


The Bands

OMGDude was created by two friends on the scene of Cadansa in the Netherlands. Maciej (flute) and Pustka (guitar) applied for the open stage and, unexpectedly, were selected to play in front of an audience. They had to come up with a stage name, and couldn't come up with anything better than... "Oh My God Dude, We need a name!" They shortened it later to simply OMGDude. 😋 This Polish group combines classic and contemporary folk dance with their compositions. We love them, anyway!


The Location

Chapelle de Boondael, Square du Vieux Tilleul 10, 1050 Ixelles, Bruxelles

Accès: Tram 8 et 25 (Marie José), bus 41 (Boondael Gare) and train (Boondael)

Location on GPS, Google Maps

Une Carte de Bruxelles devrait apparaître ici.


The entrance costs 12€, within availability : We limit the number of people as to guarantee enough room for everyone to dance.

Bookings will be closed in order to allow for bank transfers to arrive.